#FanFriday: Increase Self Confidence with Hypnosis

increase self-confidence with hypnosis

Hypnosis Session with Photographer Lindsey Byrnes 

Did you know you can increase self-confidence with hypnosis?


Celebrity Photographer, Lindsey Byrnes, reached out to the Incredible Hypnotist to inquire about a 1-on-1 hypnosis session. Although skeptical that hypnosis would work on her, Lindsey was interested in learning if Richard could increase self-confidence with hypnosis. Here’s what happened!


Meet Lindsey Byrnes

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If you haven’t heard the name Lindsey Byrnes yet, surely, you’ve seen her work. This vivacious and charismatic photographer is lighting up the world one photo at a time. When Lindsey is not shooting in Los Angeles, she’s touring the country with some of the hippest musical acts and hilarious comedian personalities. Lindsey’s long list of celebrity clients is impressive and her ad campaign client list is a mile long; being featured in Hard Rock Café, Rolling Stone, Marie Claire, The Hollywood Reporter, Esquire… just to name a few.

After meeting the established photographer in her home studio, the Incredible Hypnotist, Richard Barker, shared, “Lindsey is such an inviting and friendly person who I immediately warmed up to. I think she is nothing short of amazing.”

Barker and Byrnes posted a live video of her hypnosis session on Instagram. Only a few lucky thousand individuals were able to watch the session (as you know, Instagram Live Stories delete once ended). This article is geared to all of you that missed out on the relaxing and positive hypnotic experience. We know Incredible Hypnotist fans love Barker’s #BehindTheScenes juicy tidbits so in honor of #FanFriday, we’re giving you an exclusive.

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10 Quick Questions About the Hypnosis Experience

Increase Self-Confidence with Hypnosis and Decrease Negative Self-Talk


1. How did you first hear about the Incredible Hypnotist?

“I saw him hypnotize my friends at Nylon Magazine.” Watch Richard Barker’s behind the scenes footage of the Nylon Hypnosis session here if you missed it.

2. What did you think about hypnosis before your session?

“I have always been interested in it, but never believed it would work for me.”

3. What were you hoping to get out of a hypnosis session?

“I wanted to focus on eliminating negative self-talk.”

4. In your own words, what does hypnosis “feel” like?

“It feels like I am being wrapped in a blanket of Richard’s words, similar to guided meditation.”

5. Did you ever feel like you were not in control when being hypnotized?

“Not even for a second.”

6. What are your impressions of Richard Barker?

“He is a very kind, caring human who genuinely wants to help. I feel he is very honest.”

7. What advice would you give to people who are curious about hypnosis?

“I would tell them to read about it. And to watch some of Richard’s videos on his YouTube Channel.”

8. What did you feel like after your hypnosis session?

“I felt happy and grateful.”

9. In the short period of time, have you seen any immediate results from your session?

“I have been much more conscious of the negative self-talk. I have not been allowing myself to participate in that.”

10. What would you say to people who think hypnosis is fake?

“I would tell them not to do it. I’d also tell them they’re missing out.”

The Incredible Hypnotist discusses why hypnosis is so effective for increasing self-confidence and decreasing negative self-talk.

“We don’t ‘see’ the world around us; we ‘think’ it. So when we view the world, we’re influenced by our own thought processes. If someone has a lot of negative self-talk, hypnosis can dramatically improve their life. A lot of people look at themselves in the mirror and say, ‘God, I hate myself.’ It’s extremely sad, but a lot of people do that. They wake up and have a negative outlook on themselves; it’s a dark feeling that, somewhere along the way, they learned and perfected. On the opposite side of the spectrum, having a positive outlook about yourself allows everything in your life to fall into place in a healthy manner. This is why so many successful people maintain a positive attitude because they know, the moment they slip into negative thinking, everything falls apart. ” – Richard Barker

Richard always encourages self-hypnosis for use in your daily routine. If you practice reciting positive affirmations for just 10-15 minutes a day, you’ll start to learn how to put yourself into a relaxed self-induced hypnotic trance.

You can find more information about this sensational photographer on her website: www.LindseyByrnes.com. Show Lindsey some social love on her Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account.

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