8 Awesome Celebrity Hypnosis Stories That You Need to Know

celebrity hypnosis stories

Hypnosis is used to help people deal with a wide range of issues, both mental and physical. Everybody can benefit from a hypnosis session, including big celebrities! There are more celebrity hypnosis stories than you probably realize.

Here are seven of the most amazing celebrity hypnosis stories of all time.

1. Ellen DeGeneres Gets Hypnotized Live

One of the big reasons celebrities undergo hypnosis is to help them quit smoking.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most well-known celebrities who used hypnosis to stop smoking. As a way to show the effectiveness of hypnosis for smoking addiction relief, she decided to undergo a treatment live on her talk-show. She had her regular hypnotist Paul McKenna put her under on TV and lead her through a typical session.

This wasn’t just a big move for Ellen DeGeneres, but a big move in legitimizing hypnosis. There are a lot of skeptics out there, and seeing the process work live on a trusted TV personality probably convinced a lot of smokers to go through with hypnosis themselves.

2. Ashton Kutcher Hypnotizes Himself

Ashton Kutcher is a firm believer in hypnosis.

Like DeGeneres, he struggled to quit smoking. Kutcher decided to use a self-hypnosis tape to kick the habit. It worked like a charm, and Kutcher remains smoke-free!

But that’s not all Kutcher used hypnosis for. He also used hypnosis at the start of his career to finding further success. By entering a hypnotic state, Kutcher could better visualize and encourage his success.

Judging on how successful Ashton Kutcher is in every aspect of his life, it seems like hypnosis worked wonders for him.

3. Fergie Keeps Her Hypnotist on Speed Dial

Another popular use of hypnosis is weight loss. If you’re wondering how successful that can be, ask Fergie.

In an interview with OK magazine, Fergie talked up the benefits of hypnotherapy for weight loss. Undergoing hypnosis helps Fergie stick to her healthy diet and overcome junk food urges. When she’s on tour, she claims she has her hypnotist on speed dial just in case she needs a quick session!

Fergie even claims she can hear the voice of her hypnotist long after the session has ended. She talks about how she’ll go to the fridge, ready to break her diet, and the voice of her hypnotist will come to her. The hypnotist will keep her from breaking diet without fail.

4. Bruce Willis Hypnotizes His Stutter Away

Did you know acclaimed action star Bruce Willis has a stutter? Likely not, and that’s all thanks to hypnotherapy!

Bruce Willis has suffered from a stutter since childhood. He frequently worried that this would hurt his acting career, and cause him to get fewer roles. With the help of hypnosis, Willis was able to tone down his stuttering and squash his fears of stuttering while acting.

5. Martha Stewart Stops Her Nightmares With Hypnosis

Some people who suffer from nightmares find great relief with regular hypnotherapy. One of the more notable examples of this is Martha Stewart.

When Martha Stewart was released from jails, she began being plagued by recurring nightmares. These nightmares were so intense they’d wake Stewart up in a cold sweat every night. To find relief, Stewart decided to hire a hypnotherapist.

While she hasn’t spoken much of the incident since she also hasn’t mentioned any further nightmares, here’s hoping hypnotherapy leads to peaceful sleep for the lifestyle guru!

6. Kevin Costner Conquers Seasickness With Hypnosis

One of Kevin Costner’s most famous roles came in the hit film Waterworld. But the odds were somewhat against Costner during filming.

When shooting started, Costner frequently became seasick. Considering the film was called Waterworld, that just wouldn’t do. A majority of the scenes involved filming on the water, and the seasickness started to affect the shooting schedule and the actor’s performance.

Costner, already a believer in hypnosis actually flew his hypnotherapist out to Hawaii where they were filming the movie. He underwent a series of sessions to deal with his seasickness. The procedure worked, and Costner was able to finish Waterworld without an issue!

7. Albert Einstein Discovers Relativity While Hypnotized

He may not be a modern celebrity, but everyone knows the name, Albert Einstein. You may not think a man of science would restore to hypnotherapy for anything, but as it turns out, he did!

Einstein would regularly undergo hypnosis when working on scientific ideas. A hypnotic state helped Einstein focus and explore the new mental territory. It’s even said that he came up with his infamous theory of relativity under hypnosis!

If a man of science like Einstein can trust hypnotherapy, so can you!

8. Tiger Woods Uses Hypnosis to Improve His Focus

Tiger Woods is among the best golfers on earth. It turns out, some of that success may be thanks to hypnotherapy!

Tiger Woods is a firm believer in the powers of hypnosis. He’s been undergoing hypnotic treatment since childhood, in fact.

When he was a kid, Tiger Woods suffered from a stutter. He was able to stop this by undergoing hypnotherapy. This left Woods with a deep appreciation for hypnosis, so he took it a step further.

Woods started undergoing hypnotherapy as a way to help him concentrate on golf. It helped him visualize his success, and work on his golf technique. Considering Woods’ success, let’s chock some of that up to the hypnosis.

The Celebrity Hypnosis Stories Don’t End Here

These eight celebrity hypnosis stories represent just a few of the many A-listers who have used hypnotherapy to find relief. Other celebrities that have used hypnotherapy include Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Julia Roberts, and Sylvester Stallone just to name a few. If you thought hypnosis was just a bunch of hooey, think again!

You don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to reap the benefits of hypnosis, though. If you’re looking to hire a private hypnotist who frequently works with celebrities, consider Richard Barker. He’ll help you with just about any problem you have.

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