How To Overcome Fear of Birds

How To Overcome Fear Of Birds Hypnotist Richard Barker

How To Overcome Fear of Birds

“How to overcome fear of birds” and “Help for removing the fear of birds” are two terms that are searched regularly by millions of people. There are literally millions of people with a fear or phobia of birds. Known as Ornithophobia in the medical community, the fear of birds is a condition that can most definitely be cured by hypnosis. 

The Incredible Hypnotist, Richard Barker, recently hypnotized a news anchor live on Good Day LA and the results were dramatic. Good Day LA host, Araksya Karapetyan, was terrified of birds. A phobia she couldn’t shake; even when trying to film segments for the film, “Maleficent.” As you will see in the video below, Richard was invited to help Araksya get over her fear of birds, once and for all. As Barker began the segment, he pointed out, “Yup, I can smell the anxiety in the air.” 

Watch as the professional hypnotist puts the Good Day LA host in a hypnotic trance to help remove her fear of birds. You’ll see firsthand how to overcome fear of birds with hypnosis. And by the end of the video, the anchorwoman, bravely and fearlessly, holds a bird in her hand. It’s truly amazing!


The video below shows the full hypnosis induction and entire process for removing a fear of birds.

Here is a highlight reel, if you want a quick snapshot of the events as they unfolded. Don’t suffer with a fear or phobia of birds. Email Hypnotist Richard Barker for advice on how to overcome fear of birds.

It’s strange just how big the problem is when people have a natural fear of birds. But as you can see, it’s extremely easy for a hypnotist like Richard Barker to remove the fear of birds and to help a client overcome their bird phobia forever.

You can read the full FOX 11 featured article here.

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