Verne Troyer Hypnotized by a REAL Hypnotist

Hypnotized by a REAL Hypnotist Verne Troyer

Have you seen the hilarious video of Verne Troyer hypnotized by Richard Barker?

Verne Troyer was an amazing candidate for hypnosis. Watch as Richard is able to turn a skeptic into a hypnosis believer.

Verne Troyer Hypnotized and Asked About the Experience:

“I wasn’t a believer before, but now I am! This hypnotist SERIOUSLY hypnotized me! I’m in shock! He made me say horrible, horrible things, and he even made me forget a number. P.S. I’m sorry Michigan Wolverines!”

The 47-year-old Sturgis native and actor, perhaps best known for playing Mini-Me in the “Austin Powers” films, is a die-hard Michigan fan. But all it took was a little hypnosis for him to turn into an Ohio State fan — to the point where he couldn’t even name Michigan without first referencing it as “that team up north.”

Troyer posted a video on his YouTube channel today of himself being hypnotized by “The Incredible Hypnotist” Richard Barker. Troyer was originally skeptical of hypnotism, but he fell quickly under Barker’s spell — and, at the 7:30 mark of the video, Barker told Troyer “you’re going to realize from this point forward you are one of the most loyal fans of the beautiful football team called OSU.”

Once Barker woke Troyer up and began asking him questions about his favorite team, Troyer replied Ohio State, as if on cue. Troyer even asked a minute later if he could take off the Michigan football shirt he was wearing.

Whether you believe in hypnotism or not, the rest of the video is pretty hilarious, especially when Barker shows Troyer a clip of himself bashing his beloved team. Start watching at the 7:30 mark if you want to skip to the Michigan-Ohio State part.


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