Hypnosis Graduation Show

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I am absolutely exhausted but elated. I have just performed 46 Hypnosis shows for High School graduates and the Junior and Senior Prom Project Graduation. A hypnosis graduation show is very popular with High School students. Around the country they are referred to as different things including post prom; project graduation; sober grad night and more.

I find it totally awesome to be given the opportunity to Hypnotize these kids as they embark on their future out in the big world. I have toured many States and returned to many schools in the nation. I love the shows but the hours can be tough sometimes since most shows are between midnight and 5 am. The design of the show of course is to keep the kids entertained and off the streets.


ypnosis at graduation events can be the highlight of the evening. Most schools I go to are never short of volunteers lining up ready to be Hypnotized by me. I get to the venue and usually they are eagerly waiting for the show.

If you are planning this type of event make sure you read my technical rider; it spells out all the equipment I need to ensure your show is a success. Sound of course is the most important factor in a hypnosis graduation show. Over the years I have been given a Yoga instructors microphone to a bull horn to nothing. I have also been in state of the art auditoriums.

I film all my shows in high quality with a very capable camera and copies become available afterwards usually for a small charge. This is always a much better option than having a student hold up a cellphone for an hour only to find the footage poor quality and that they cannot watch it on a big screen.

Here is an example of one of my favorite shows and is a demo of a full comedy hypnosis show.

Here is another full show you can purchase and download immediately, just click this link -> MINNESOTA of a High School Hypnosis Grad night.

To reserve me for a Comedy hypnotist Graduation Show just complete my contact form or call the agency on 1-800-658-1273

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